We’re on a mission to provide free website to every masjid in the world.

Our ever-evolving platform provides tools to build an engaged community and grow your masjid.

It's completely free and we're serving over 30 mosques already.

Tell us about yourself and your masjid so we can contact you to start the process.

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We will carry out the initial content updates based on your existing website or contents that you provide us.

Then we will send you your admin access for you to be in full control of your website.

Once you’re happy with the updates, start telling everyone about your new mosque website and let everyone benefit.

Prayer timetable for today, this month or whole year

Our study has found majority of website visitors are there to see the daily prayer times, Jamat times or Jumuah times. So we have the function where you can upload a simple CSV file for your own Mosque.

Receive monthly or one-off donations

Every website comes built in with donate page where your supporters can donate securely and safely.

Don't want to receive online donations? No problem, we have instructions to donate using offline methods too.

Brand it to your Mosque identity

We understand the importance of branding and we've made the platform easy to customise the site with your own colours, images and logo.

Share your news & announcements

Got an update from the Mosque committee and need to share the news or make an announcement? We've got that covered.

Upcoming events or past events calendar

Got an event coming up at the masjid, share it on the site and it will put it on the past events section once the event date has passed.

Saving you time.

About the masjid, services and key people

Connect with your Musallis by telling them about the background history of the Mosque or it's vision for the local Muslim community. Tell them about your key services or a bit about the key staff/imams.

Simple pricing

Managed by you


Get a fully functioning website designed and hosted by us for free. All you have to do is manage your own contents through a secured admin dashboard.

Fully managed website


A fully functioning website designed, hosted and managed by us. Simply send us your contents and we will update your website on your behalf.



Need a fully custom website for your Mosque with additional features? We can help you with that.